Why attend

Connect & mobilize the RNG industry

About the RNG Forum

As the largest event entirely dedicated to renewable natural gas (RNG) in Canada, the RNG Forum 2024 will bring together all local and international stakeholders of the industry in Drummondville, Quebec.

The RNG Forum aims to accelerate the sharing of knowledge and the generation of business opportunities to increase the quantity of RNG produced in Canada and all over the world.

RNG development in Quebec and Canada requires strong relations and exchange between Canadian and international stakeholders, hence the importance of having world-class showroom and conferences.

All conferences will be translated live into French and English.

As part of the second edition of the Forum in 2023, the show brought together more than 600 participants and 55 exhibiting companies working in the RNG industry. Among them were project developers, agricultural producers, financiers, suppliers and consultants, engineering firms, associations, and government and municipal representatives.

Under the themes of sustainable development, circular economy and green energy, more than 60 speakers also shared their vision and expertise during various presentations offered to participants.


✓ Connect all stakeholders in the industry 

✓ Make the agricultural sector aware of the opportunities RNG offers

✓ Present barriers and solutions in the industry 

✓ Present international best practices 

✓ Inform the participants of the economic and environmental benefits of RNG

✓ Inform the participants of Quebec regulatory and legislative framework

✓ Promote technological advances in power-to-gas and pyrogasification

Who should attend?

✓ Project developers (municipalities, farmers & industrials)

✓ Municipalities

✓ Farmers

✓ Organic material generators

✓ Financial institutions

✓ Suppliers and consultants

✓ Heavy-Duty Fleet owners

Government representatives