Bright Biomethane

A bright idea for a perfect biogas facility system

Bright Biomethane, located in the Netherlands, is a leader in biomethane purification systems. The company offers support at each stage of a biogas project, from engineering to its commissioning, to their customers. With the expertise of their team, the company offers high-quality components that combine the high availability of the system and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the systems of the company can be put into service quickly because they are delivered fully pre-tested.

Bright Biomethane’s specialties? First, their proven biogas recovery systems have a capacity of 40 Nm 3/h to 5000 Nm3 /h (and even more). Then, Bright Biomethane systems can also be used for the recovery and liquefaction of CO2. CO2 can become a valuable source of income for the system owner. This quality CO2 can, for example, be used in greenhouses, the food and drink industry, slaughterhouses and others. Bright Biomethane is committed to the development of bioenergies as renewable energies through research and the development of practical technologies.