Choose EBI's natural gas

EBI offers support at every stage of the conversion of fleets to compressed natural gas (CNG). EBI helps their customers to assess the feasibility and profitability of its CNG project. She takes the time to listen to the needs of their customers to determine the optimal solution for them, whether it is for the conversion of a fleet of vehicles, purchase of a vehicle or construction of a turnkey refueling station.

In addition, EBI also offers a rental service for light or heavy vehicles running on compressed natural gas. You can take the test and determine if this fuel option is right for you. In addition, EBI provides their customers with a public compressed natural gas supply network in Montreal and Berthierville, Canada. This network makes it possible to supply, among other things, vehicles rented by its customers.

In short, EBI has a range of diverse services that can be suited to the needs of each of its customers.