Energy Developments (EDL)

To provide better energy solutions for the benefit of our world - our customers, employees, stakeholders and community.

EDL owns and operates a large portfolio of landfill gas (LFG) powered stations in Australia, Europe and North America. LFG is generated from decomposing organic matter in refuse tips. It mostly consists of methane, carbon dioxide and organic compounds. This gas would otherwise be released to the atmosphere or flared. Instead, EDL converts the gas to electricity, significantly avoiding carbon emissions.

The commercial use of landfill gas as a fuel requires gas to be extracted at a reasonably consistent flow and quality. EDL uses a pattern of vertical gas extraction wells linked by underground pipes to a gas collection facility. The entire system is maintained under a vacuum, inducing landfill gas to flow into the collection facility where gas processing reduces moisture and filters out fine particles. The processed landfill gas is then used as a fuel in either gas engine or gas turbine generators. The power generation facilities are interconnected with a power grid.

EDL is investing in work that goes beyond the conversion of gas to electricity, and upgrading LFG and WCMG to green gas or renewable natural gas (RNG).