Since its creation in 1996, Fondaction has been based on the belief that it is not only possible to do things differently in the financial and business world, it is a necessity.

Fondaction helps Québecers prepare for retirement by offering affordable retirement savings to everyone. The savings collected are invested in companies across Québec. This way, Fondaction helps create and maintain quality jobs, contributing to a stronger, more equitable and greener economy.

Created in 1996, Fondaction is a labour-sponsored fund with assets in excess of two billion dollars collected as retirement savings from more than 175,000 shareholders. Fondaction’s direct investments and those made through investment funds support the development of more than 1 200 SMEs in different lines of business, in large part involved in various components of the social economy.

A firm commitment to sustainable development

Fondaction has always been resolutely committed to socially responsible finance, from the moment it was created. The principles of sustainable development are integrated in everything it does. Whether investing in businesses directly or in capital markets, Fondaction always applies the principles of responsible investment to the money entrusted by its savers.

Reporting at the heart of the communication and transparency process

Fondaction was one of the first institutions in Québec to make accountability reports an obligation in an effort to improve its practices and contribute to moving sustainable development forward in Québec. It produced its first report on sustainable development in 2006 in accordance with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the highest standards of precision and transparency in economic, social and environmental accountability.