Fournier Industries

A global presence

Founded in 1960, Fournier Industries is a manufacturer of high-performance industrial process equipment and integrated solutions in North America and around the world. The company has developed an innovative solid-liquid separation technology, the Rotary Press, as well as a rapid polymer activation system, the QuickDraw. Fournier has gained a high level of expertise in the dewatering of digestate from biogas plants. The company’s integrated solutions contribute efficiently to meeting the dewatering challenges experienced in biogas plants.

Fournier’s integrated solutions perform efficiently on a variety of organic feedstocks: sewage sludge and septic tank sludge, organic materials of domestic and industrial origin, and manure of all kinds. The experience acquired by Fournier Industries in Quebec and in Scandinavian countries has demonstrated its ability to perform in a variety of operating conditions. Fournier wishes to share its expertise in partnership with other specialized companies. It intends to increase its presence in this emerging sector, for a more circular and low-carbon economy.