Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems offers products such as biogas domes, double membrane covers, high-point-membranes and other covering systems for the biogas market that all meet the highest European standard for snowload, windload and others. Put together, the experience of their stakeholders in the biogas market, take care of production and installation worldwide reach over 100 years. These products can support a pressure up to 40 mBar.

The double membrane of Membrane Systems has features such as an optimal design to distribute forces in cover, certificated “high-frequent-welding” procedures, they own the installation organization and the product uses technically advanced components (heated over & under pressure valve, ventilators steered in function of existing pressure, less loss of gas in summer). They have sold more than 700 covers worldwide in the last 3 years only. Membrane Systems take a special care in aftersale customer’s services.