Your Engineering Partner to Build your Biogas Project

Methalac is a family business specializing in the design, construction, maintenance as well as biological and mechanical monitoring of anaerobic digestion units. With 10 years of experience, Methalac covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas. With nearly 60 running units, the company specializes on on-farm biogas plants to turn agricultural materials and food waste to green energy. The Group currently employs 60 people in Europe, United States and Canada.

Méthalac concentrates its expertise to offer turnkey solutions for anaerobic digestion, a natural process for organic matter degradation by the action of micro-organisms to produce biogas and digestate.

The design and technologies implemented by Methalac have numerous economic and ecological advantages: the production of renewable energies in the form of electricity, heat or biomethane directly injected into the public network or upgraded to fuel the transport sector. In addition, the agronomic interests of the production of digestate, a natural fertilizer, considerably reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

The Group has leveled itself as a leader in the French biogas industry with strong growth and 12 new units built per year throughout France and abroad, accelerated by the recent establishment of its subsidiary company in the United States.