Naskeo Environment

The AD specialist in France and worldwide

Naskeo Environment, located in France, specializes in the development, design, construction and maintenance of anaerobic digestion plants. They aim to promote the elimination of waste by valorizing it as biogas and upgrading the biogas. This makes it possible to obtain the guarantee of renewable energy production. It is a way for the system owner to earn additional income and to have greener energy production.

Naskeo Environment is there for you at each stage of your project, from the exploratory phase to the technical and biological monitoring of the operational units. Today, Naskeo Environment owns around 40 anaerobic digestion units for discontinuous dry and wet methods. Naskeo’s anaerobic digestion facilities are suitable for several types of inputs such as fertilizer, slurry, industrial residues and others.

In addition, Naskeo Environment actively participates in research into anaerobic digestion. In fact, the company has set up an analytical and research platform at INRA in Narbonne, the Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology (LBE). This infrastructure allows the company to carry out analyzes in anaerobic digestion and research in relation to the potential of certain organics and to measure the methane content of biogas.