Engineering of gas solutions

Prodeval, a French company, is specialized in the treatment and recovery of biogas produced from the methanisation of organic waste. The company is definitely involved in the energy transition, particularly in France but, since 2019, in North America as well. They design and manufacture technologies such as biogas treatment, biomethane production and production and distribution of BioNGV. Prodeval aims to collect the biogas coming from organic waste and clean it to keep only the methane, so it can be injected into the GRDF national network or use as BioNGV, as a fuel.

You can categorize their services around 7 strategic areas such as general secretariat, mission leaders, business development & marketing, Process and HSE, R & D and Consulting & studies, operations and SAV. When you buy their equipment, they take care of assembling, installing, commissioning and maintaining it.