PIVO et la Cité de l’innovation circulaire

PIVO : Partenariats d’Innovations Vertes et Orientées


The cities of Bécancour and Trois-Rivières are joining forces to create an innovation zone project focused on the low-carbon future: PIVO.

By bringing together the private sector and the knowledge sector, PIVO aims to make the region an attractive hub for workers of all backgrounds, a living environment that brings people together and is inclusive, to promote intercultural exchanges, collaborations and above all, innovation.


The Cité de l’innovation circulaire, the Terreau

The Cité de l’innovation circulaire project, known as the Terreau, aims to optimize and innovate the value chains of businesses and territories, to secure their supplies and to create new sources of wealth by exploiting untapped and locally available resources through the implementation of circular economy principles. “It is essentially about building a better world together based on an ecosystem of research, innovation and creativity that generates wealth by giving value to waste or residual materials that would otherwise be an environmental liability that would end up in landfills,” said Vincent Guay. The Cité de l’innovation circulaire, the Terreau, has the support of more than 80 organizations and businesses that are leaders in innovative and more sustainable practices.


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