AB Group

AB Group, located in Orzinuovi, Italy, is an important leader in cogeneration and development of renewable energy sources such as biogas and biomethane. Their center of excellence and international research brings together a team of over 140 engineers.

AB Group also uses their unique expertise and skills in renewable energy to help their customers better manage energy. This facet of the expertise of AB Group allows your company to reduce energy consumption and waste, and thus improve their competitiveness and environment. The AB Group manages each stage of a cogeneration plant development and the valorization of biomethane, including design, consultation, production, installation, commissioning and support.

At the heart of the AB Group’s values ​​are innovation as well as the development of knowledge, experience and technologies. By doing so, the company is helping to build a more sustainable future and more efficient, competitive and green businesses. Today, the AB Group has installed more than 1,250 systems since 1981, which total a capacity of 1,600 MW.

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