Leading Beyond Chemistry

Evonik is the world’s only fully backward-integrated producer of high-selectivity separation membranes. Thanks to the group’s many years of expertise in polymer chemistry, Evonik is able to adjust the membrane properties already at the development stage of the base material—the high-performance polymer—to produce especially selective and robust membranes that can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures.

Evonik boosts the chemistry of high-performance polymers into highly efficient gas separation membranes SEPURAN®.

SEPURAN® stands for customized hollow fiber membranes for efficient gas separation. Biogas upgrading, nitrogen generation and helium recovery are just three of the many applications for SEPURAN® products.

Each product is tailored exactly to the specific application. SEPURAN® Green, for example, is ideally suited for biogas upgrading because of its high CO2 / CH4 selectivity. SEPURAN® N2, on the other hand, was developed especially to recover nitrogen.