Association for the prevention of air and soil contamination (APCAS)

The Association for the Prevention of Air and Soil Contamination (APCAS) has headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are the Quebec section of the Air & Waste Management Association (A & WMA).

This non-profit, non-partisan professional organization is intended to be a neutral forum for all stakeholders interested in environmental issues in Quebec, the Maritimes and eastern Ontario. More specifically, the role of APCAS includes the dissemination of information and professional training in air quality and air purification processes, management of residual materials and contaminated soil. They also acts as a link between professionals in the environmental field.

Among others, the APCAS organizes the Biogas and Bioenergy conference which takes place every year in Saint-Hyacinthe, in Quebec, Canada. This industry event brings together the various stakeholders in the residual materials management sector, the exploitation and development of biogas and bio-energies and reduction of greenhouse gases.