Canadian Biogas Association

Building the biogas sector with you

The Canadian Biogas Association is the collective voice of the biogas industry. Since 2008, our membership has grown to over 100, including farmers, municipalities, technology developers, consultants, finance and insurance firms, and other affiliate representatives – all with a focus on building the biogas sector in Canada.


The Canadian Biogas Association is the collective voice of the biogas industry.


The Canadian Biogas Association will develop the biogas industry to its fullest potential through capturing and processing organic materials to maximize the utility and value inherent within that material.

Role and Mandate

The Canadian Biogas Association serves its members by:

  • guiding policy and regulatory developments related to organic materials diversion, climate change, nutrient management, and renewable energy;
  • building industry knowledge through exchange of information;
  • creating knowledge networks among the sector;
  • supporting valuable research;
  • offering guidance and assistance to members on a wide range of renewable energy issues;
  • promoting biogas opportunities to develop biogas to its full potential;
  • organizing outreach events to raise awareness and educate the public to the multiple benefits of biogas.