Waga Energy


Landfill gas recovery and upgrading to grid-quality biomethane

Waga Energy has developed a breakthrough technology to recover landfill gas into biomethane, also called Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

The WAGABOX® landfill gas upgrading units deliver high-quality biomethane, regardless of the quality of the raw biogas. The biomethane produced by the WAGABOX® can be injected directly into the gas grid or used as fuel for vehicles.

Waga Energy builds, owns, operates, and maintains the WAGABOX® units under long-term contracts with landfill owners, and biomethane sales revenue is shared.

Upgrading landfill gas — a waste-management byproduct — positions Waga Energy to provide the most competitively priced biomethane on the market for end customers. For large-capacity landfills, WAGABOX® can offer grid parity with natural gas.

WAGABOX® units have a double impact to help fight climate change: they capture landfills gas — a major source of greenhouse gas emissions — and produce a renewable substitute for fossil-based natural gas.

Each new WAGABOX® unit marks additional progress toward a true energy transition and toward protecting our environment.